Big Ben Studios

Cleaning Service


An underpaid teacher wife (Rani Malik) and husband (Kieran Suchet) try to look for new workto save up moneyfor their mortgage, in the form of starting their own housecleaning service. Having found a wealthyclient who is willing to pay high rates, it seems as though theyhavehit the nail on the head!

However, as theystart to workin the clients house, their marital issues start to present themselvesas they both try to wrap their head around their new side job. Sure enough, things start to get out of hand. With all of their personal problems, only time will tell whether theywill clean the house or destroy it!


Kieran Suchet, Rani Malik, Ronia Royce, Millie Martin, Lilly Allen


  • Writer: Roseita Royce
  • Producer and Director: Roseita Royce
  • Director of Photography: Ryan Royce

Fabio Piazza, Nadezhda Drobinina, Diana Dublewicz, Bruce Royce