Big Ben Studios

Coffee Shop


Twogirl-friends meet up for a nice chat to catch up over some coffee.After prying into what Maxine (Maxine English) has been up to,Lolli (Loli Mello) realises that Maxine had seemingly found the love of her life, but that he had slipped away! As the Maxine starts to explain it all however,it all starts to seem like more of a hilarious misunderstanding than a romantic tragedy!


Maxine English, Loli Mello, Fred Safa, Lloyd Dineen, Diana Dublewicz, Aaron Kamara, S.M. Gabriel, Fabio Piazza


  • Writer: Roseita Royce
  • Producer and Director: Roseita Royce
  • Director of Photography: Ryan Royce

Fabio Piazza, Nadezhda Drobinina, Diana Dublewicz, Bruce Royce, Aaron Kamara