Big Ben Studios

Delivery Boy


Local born and raised delivery boy, Lloyd (Lloyd Dineen) has a reputation for being late on his deliveries, but even despite that, everyone likes Lloyd for being a kind and helpful soul - everyone thatis, except Mr.Kingsman, and elderly man who has alwayshad it out for him ever since Lloyd was a boy! After Mr.Kingsman calls Lloyd's workplace and makesyet another complaint, Lloyd decidesits finally time for him to take some revenge...revenge best served hot! NOTES


Lloyd Dineen, S.M. Gabriel, John Wooloughan, Fred Safa, Blake Suchet, Nadezhda Drobinina, Ella Ford


  • Writer: Roseita Royce
  • Producer and Director: Roseita Royce
  • Director of Photography: Ryan Royce

Fabio Piazza, Nadezhda Drobinina, Diana Dublewicz, Bruce Royce, Aaron Kamara