Big Ben Studios

Magic Pot


Single mother of eight and successful writer, Roseita (Roseita Royce) has a hectic life, from trying to get the kids to school in the mornings to working at her office and cooking dinner for eight plus herself every night,it's safe to say that her days are busy from sunrise to midnight! One day, completely by chance,she findsa blue potin the middle ofa field. Roseita finds out the potis in fact a magic pot that will grant you any food you wish for! However this dream might be moreof a nightmareas the food might not taste as good as it looks!


Roseita Royce, Ryan Royce, Ronia Royce, Anders Conway,Ella Ford, Lilly Allen, Blake Suchet, Millie Martin, Archie Hocking


  • Writer: Roseita Royce
  • Producer and Director: Roseita Royce
  • Director of Photography: Ryan Royce

Fabio Piazza, Nadezhda Drobinina, Diana Dublewicz, Bruce Royce