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A local school's drama department is thrilled to get a visit from a Holly- wood superstar Grace Parker (Grace Link) who's willing to help them out with their show. However things start going wrong quickly after the drama teacher (Kieran Suchet) begins to criticize her acting skills.

Things take a turn for the worst, resulting in a loud argument between the two, turning Grace from wanting to help the school play to never wanting to set foot in a school again!


Grace Link, Kieran Suchet, Ronia Royce, Lilly Allen, Millie Martin, Blake Suchet, Krish Vaid, Alexis Fowkes, Aparajith Suaumaran, Olivia Bukue, Rahul Kotecha


  • Writer: Roseita Royce
  • Producer and Director: Roseita Royce
  • Director of Photography: Ryan Royce

Fabio Piazza, Nadezhda Drobinina, Diana Dublewicz, Bruce Royce, Aaron Kamara